Summer in New York, Chilln’ Under a White Roof.

Summer in New York City is hot. The actual season of summer has barely started, and already everyone is hiding in their apartments with blinds drawn and air conditioners blasting. We all know that air conditioning is terrible for the environment, but it’s so hard to give it up or turn it down when it’s so hot outside that you could fry eggs on the sidewalks.

So, instead of turning the AC off, paint your roof white! A white rooftop can reduce the cost of air conditioning 10-30%, because the building stays naturally cooler. There’s a state-run program you can volunteer with called NYC Cool Roofs that paints rooftops all over the city:

It’s a fun way to do community service, you’ll see the direct impact you can have on New York’s greenhouse gas emissions, and you’ll get to see some crazy awesome rooftop views!

Alison is a junior at Skidmore College, learning about theater, French, and that crazy little thing called life. When she’s not hiding in a theater, she can be found in New York City, among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, at a small town in Pennsylvania, wandering across Europe, or floating around her own little dream-world.